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Your Weekly Digest: June 17-23

Volunteer Shifts This Week

Monday, 2 shifts on Tuesday to beat the heat, and a fun new gig at the Martinsburg Activity Center on Thursday (indoors and with A/C!).

Use our Online Calendar to find out more details about volunteer shifts and to sign right up:

As always you can come and go anytime during volunteer shifts, and there's never any obligation if something comes up in your schedule or the weather is an obstacle. We are buzzing away in the gardens and still getting the last handfuls of seedlings and seeds in the ground for summer harvests.

Country Colors Greenhouse donated a truckload (actually 1.5 truckloads!) last weekend and this week found us dropping everything to get:

  • 436 tomatoes

  • 30 eggplants

  • 30 bell peppers

  • 36 sweet potatoes

  • 30 gorgeous geraniums (badly needed for IPM this year)

all in the ground or in the hands of Knox County Gardeners, residential and in our Community Gardens around the county). Many of these gardeners had lost plants to weather or pests, had reasons not to spend money on purchasing plants, or gotten busy this spring, finding themselves behind their gardening schedule with no plants ready. WE WERE SO GLAD TO HELP DISTRIBUTE THESE PLANTS TO GARDENERS!

Thank you, Country Colors Greenhouse! If you stop out there this season tell them you heard about their generous donation and how awesome we all think they are!

Some of the recipients had given up plans to garden this year and we were able to pop these donated beauties in and stop that from having to happen. We also got plants into the hands of some GREWBIES (growing newbies)! That is always a special treat to be able to do!

It was a lot of work for one week, but we beat the heat dome and it was 100% worth the hustle.

Now Help Us Water!

We are always looking for watering help, and the next week or so we could REALLY use some extra hands. You can come and go at your convenience beyond the times we put on our calendar! Just email or text us if you are interested and we will get you set up to come, water, and go in a time frame that fits your schedule!

We had a great Mount Vernon Farmer's Market on Saturday!

We debuted our new vendor's tablecloths! We had four delicious varieties of bread made in the steamy pizza oven at the Woodward Kitchen:

  • Italian Herb & Tomato

  • Whole Wheat

  • Chamomile & Thai Basil

  • Lemon Basil

The Italian Herb & Tomato stole the show, but we've also discovered a niche crowd for the chamomile & thai basil! Thursday at Martinsburg Activity Center Marketplace will likely be the last time we can offer that flavor until the next crop of chamomile matures, so come & get yours! OR EMAIL/TEXT US if you would like to pre-order a loaf! We can always do that for our subscribers & site members! Local Delivery and Free Pickup options available!

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