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Meet the Board!

Our unique and diverse board members strive to help create a healthy outdoor space for their community in Mount Vernon. Each member is also a dedicated volunteer with Community Roots, helping lead other volunteers with a variety of projects going on in our backyard!

Emily Headshot.jpg

Emily Platt


Emily isn't afraid to get dirty and to convince others to play in the dirt with her! She is passionate about growing and sharing food with friends, helping others, exploring nature, and renovating her home. As the founder of the consulting firm, EM Consulting Services, her skills in strategy building, communications, and project management, brings a competitive edge to the board. She is on the board in order to help Community Roots flourish in Knox County where she was born and raised and is now raising her daughter and dogs in today.

Kenneth Lane

Board Committee

Ken Headshot.jpg

Ken is a retired attorney who believes in Community Roots ability to rehabilitate and provide a safe and natural space for the community of Mount Vernon.

Scott headshot.png

Scott Patterson


Scott is a high school biology teacher who wants to help fill the gaps in STEM education in Knox County. While he hates to garden, he loves to eat the food that can be grown in one.

Kim headshot.jpg

Kim Frye

Greenhouse Manager

I grew up in Mount Vernon and first learned all about gardening at the former Glass Gardens Greenhouse. I moved back in 2016 to help rehabilitate the property into a more coordinated horticultural use that could be open for all Knox County community members to use.

Haley Headshot.jpg

Haley Behnfeldt


If we could mash up Molly Weasley, Louise Belcher, Beverley Goldberg, and throw in a dash of dried herbs and glitter, we would get a Haley Behnfeldt 2.0. This Capricorn sun is passionate about friendship, mental health, and great food! Her background in organic farm certification helps her bring knowledge of techniques and resources to Community Roots. She sees great opportunities and great potential for a more loving, mindful and healthy community, here in Mount Vernon!

Quentin Platt

Board Committee

Quentin Headshot.jpg

Quentin is an engineer who dabbles in gardening and foraging. He loves compost and wants to help solve the world's food waste crisis one banana peel at a time!

Angely_Headshot_Community Roots.jpg

Angely Herrera Davis

Board Committee

Scientist and STEM educator turned grant writing consultant, Angely fell into gardening through native planting. It all started with a couple of native flowers and Douglas Tallamy’s book “Nature’s Best Hope”, and next thing you know she became the go-to volunteer for compost at Community Roots. She dreams of food forests and being able to make a difference for those in our community who face food insecurity. Her interests include native plants, native bees, composting, permaculture, and organic/regenerative gardening.

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