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Volunteer Opportunities

Community Roots is a designated safe space for all of our community members and volunteers. This includes being accepting of all ages, races, and religions. We want to welcome and include anyone and everyone who shares a similar passion as us!

Current Opportunities:

  • Gardening Maintenance

    • Weeding, watering, mowing, planting, etc...​

  • Composting

    • Turning current compost and collecting from our community partners​

  • Farmer's Market

    • Help set up, tear down, and sell our local produce to the community on Saturday mornings​

  • Seed Library

    • Package, sort, and label seeds for our neighbors​

  • Microgreen Cultivation

    • Plant, water, and trim microgreens to be sold to our local businesses and schools

  • Painting/Design

    • Help paint murals and brighten up our organization with your creative abilities!

Volunteer Now!

Calendar  and Events

Have creative projects in mind that aren't listed or not sure where to get started. Email us at or visit us Here.

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