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Our Volunteers


The volunteers at Community Roots are the backbone of our organization. Without their dedication and hard work, we wouldn't be able to accomplish any of our projects or continue our programs. Thank you for all that you do Community Roots volunteers!

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Volunteer Opportunities


It's never too late to turn that thumb green! Grab a gardening plot and help us grow into the community.

Turn food & yard waste into healthy soil amendments!

Help local residents & restaurants create a circular food system that recaptures compostable waste!

Do you enjoy creating and building? Help us by using your creative talents to build various projects.
This work is mainly in Fall & Winter

Come sit and hang with us while we set up and tear down our stand at the Saturday Farmer's Market!

(Currently May-November)

Want to find more about other volunteering opportunities? Click Here to learn more.

Why Volunteer?

Being a part of our Community Roots family is a one-of-a-kind experience.  Growing everything from relationships, skills, and knowledge into your roots and establishing a healthier community for our neighbors and generations to come.

Illustrated Plant

It is good for students to hear stories and experiences related to growing food and what it takes firsthand to grow your own produce

Watering Can

I would highly recommend Community Roots to anyone who is looking for a volunteer opportunity where they can positively impact their community


I got the opportunity to work with kids, learn helpful gardening experiences, learn more about our school systems, and become a more informed citizen

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