Formerly known as Glass Gardens Greenhouse, the approximately six acres at the end of West Gambier Street in Mount Vernon has experienced a shift in land use since Glass Gardens closed its doors in 2010.


Now known as Community Roots, these abandoned greenhouses and fields are being used as the site of community programs that restore the historical horticultural use, while also developing agricultural and land stewardship programs. We are an all volunteer organization seeking to directly support and supplement:


  • Local school science standards (e.g. STEM education goals, etc.)

  • Agricultural & horticultural education (eg. 4H, FFA, KCCC, OSU Extension-Knox Co, etc)

  • Wilderness skills and programs (scouts, orienteering, camping, bluebird & butterfly monitoring, plant and insect identification, Natural Fit Outdoor Adventures)

  • Community Health programs (e.g. TouchPointe, Hospice of Knox County, Opportunity Knox, OhioJobs, MERIT court)


This space provides a setting that uses natural design to create a relaxed environment we hope to use to support local therapy initiatives and education. Studies have shown that having natural elements in design and increasing time with nature & greenspace can:


  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower rates of aggression

  • Lower incidence of mental health2

  • Incivilities (vandalism, foul language use, etc.)

1. The retail nursery business moved to Sandusky Street and is known today as Forster’s Seeds of Quality

2. Kuo, F.E. (2003).  The role of arboriculture in a healthy social ecology: Invited review article for a Special Section. Journal of Arboriculture 29(3), 148-155.

Board of Directors
Quentin Platt
Kenneth Lane
Scott Patterson
Kim Frye
Haley Behnfeldt

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If you are interested in community garden space or renting greenhouse space?

Are you a student or a probationer in need of community service hours?

Are you a teacher in Knox County and need a speaker or presentation on garden, plant science, or local ecology? Have students who need to volunteer? Work study students interested in horticulture or land management? Or maybe you need a special type of plant for class or labs? 

Are you a member of a church group, social organization, student association, or club in Knox County and need a speaker or presentation, class, or workshop on gardens or garden crafting? 


Do you need a meeting or event space set in a natural environment?

Are you a local restaurant owner, chef, food distributor interested in locally grown produce produced by community members, local students, and volunteers working to change their lives? 

Call us today! We have Master Gardener volunteers available through the OSU Extension Office - Knox County, as well as local teachers, scientists, and ecologists on our board of directors.  

We also serve the needs of our local court system by providing horticultural job training to those serving community hours.