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The space that we now call home was formerly known as Glass Gardens Greenhouse, the approximate six acres at the end of West Gambier Street in Mount Vernon has experienced a shift in land use since Glass Gardens closed its doors in 2010. Rich in history and rooted in horticultural practices, here at Community Roots we try to take time to appreciate where our roots were first established. If you are curious and want to learn more about our history Click Here.

Now known as Community Roots, these abandoned greenhouses and fields are being used as the site of community programs that restore the historical horticultural use, while also developing agricultural and land stewardship programs. We are an all-volunteer organization seeking to directly support and supplement:

  • Local school science standards (e.g. STEM education goals, etc.)

  • Agricultural & horticultural education (eg. 4H, FFA, KCCC, OSU Extension-Knox Co, etc)

  • Wilderness skills and programs (scouts, orienteering, camping, bluebird & butterfly monitoring, plant and insect identification, Natural Fit Outdoor Adventures)

  • Community Health programs (e.g. TouchPointe, Hospice of Knox County, Opportunity Knox, OhioJobs, MERIT court)

It is a core value for Community Roots to ensure that we educate and teach skills that will help create a healthy community. As we continue our efforts to educate and inspire our youth and neighbors about all the wonders that horticulture can provide for us, our projects and ideas continue to grow too. To learn more about our past and current projects Click Here.

What We Do

This space provides a setting that uses natural design to create a relaxed environment that we to use to support local therapy initiatives and education. Studies have shown that having natural elements in design and increasing time with nature & greenspace can:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower rates of aggression

  • Lower incidence of mental health(2)

  • Incivilities (vandalism, foul language use, etc.)

Our hope here at Community Roots is to have this space offered to our community members and volunteers to utilize for their own wellbeing. If you think this type of work for the community is something that could benefit you, check out more information on our volunteer page Here.

1. The retail nursery business moved to Sandusky Street and is known today as Forster’s Seeds of Quality

2. Kuo, F.E. (2003).  The role of arboriculture in a healthy social ecology: Invited review article for a Special Section. Journal of Arboriculture 29(3), 148-155.

What We   Offer

We take pride in our ability to support diversity and inclusivity and are excited to have possibilities available to people of all skills, interests, and creative outlets. This is especially true with all of the different volunteering opportunities that we have to offer. We like to embrace the unique skills of our volunteers and apply that to the character of what makes us Community Roots. Being able to do this allows students and those currently on probation capable of receiving community service hours, skills, and connections to help them establish their own roots in our community.

We do offer more than just volunteering opportunities! We are able to offer our space to the community and provide free raised beds to our neighbors alongside our greenhouse spaces. We are also able to provide free seeds through our various Seed Libraries to help get everyone's gardens started at no cost. We were even able to get raised beds established at Twin Oaks Elementary in the summer of 2021.

Do you still have questions about who we are and what we do?

Wanting information about how to get involved?

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Our  Location

1104  W. Gambier St

Mount Vernon, Ohio, 43050

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