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Throwback Thursday & Market Saturday

A #ThrowBackThursday, Market Style!

This week as we prep for Saturday's (June 15)

Mount Vernon Farmer's Market

We can't help stroll through memory lane as we stroll through our garden paths.

This is our 7th year as commercial growers and our 6th year anniversary with Saturdays on the Square with the MVFM!

We've come a long way with you all, and would not be here without your support, your volunteering, and your continued patronage.


Many volunteers grow and bake the feeds we bring to market. Along the way we strive to teach gardening, landscaping, food handling, and commercial kitchen learning objectives, offering marketable and meaningful skills to our staff and participants. That's what makes us different form other farms, that's what makes us a therapeutic horticulture business!

At times, combining therapeutic goals and directing volunteers and students means our goal is on the process NOT the yields, yet your support has never failed to sustain our programming needs even when our harvests are meager.

We think this is a HUGE deal!

We know we are not the most abundant vendor, but you all have let us be one of the weirdest always supporting our harvests of quiddities!

We love you back very much!

Come see us this Saturday, 9 to Noon and let us know what your favorite product has been and what you would like to see us offer in the future!

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