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OSU Home Veggie Trials 2022

We're working on the research once again!

This year we expanded the list of veggies we are testing for consumers:

2022 Veggies






Bush Beans



Summer Squash

Winter Squash

Each trial is head-to-head comparison between two varieties of a vegetable from seeds sent to us from the OSU College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Science via the Extension office in Athens County.

At the end of the season we report the data collected on which variety out performs in several categories; germination, yield, etc.

Currently the only veggie in the ground is the peas, testing Royal Snap II and Sugar Ann varieties. So far they have been displaying similar rates of germination, but stay tuned!

We have some the warmer season veggies started in our hoophouse (hoping they survive the groundhog/raccoon/mice/vole invasion).

Anyone in Ohio can participate! Email us to ask how.

You can help us as we grow ours or grow some plants yourself! Let us know if you have any interest and we can get you involved.

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