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March Meeting Knox County Local Food Council

In this meeting the newly reformed council worked on creating a simple mission statement that would help guide future work. The current working mission is:

To support the Knox County Local Food system by promoting healthy food and an equitable economy.

The council also addressed some issues that lead to it's dissolving in the past and put into place a voting policy to prevent reoccurrence:

The motion passed- 13 yes, 0 no

And a simple leadership structure was created to have a Chair and Co-Chair for 1 year term, in order to help keep the council moving and ensure administrative needs are addressed. Yours truly will be chairing the council for the next year, with Tanner Cooper-Risser as co-chair and Sabrina Schirtzinger as secretary.

A short discussion was held to address any particular types of work the council hopes to conduct in the future and then a dot survey was held to see which specific projects the council would like to immediately prioritize

Meeting minutes and results of all discussions, votes, and the dot survey can be found using this link:

Attendance included Knox County residents providing representation from

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