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Welcoming our Compost Coordinator

Updated: Jan 21

This year we have been fortunate enough to grow our team with two new interns from Kenyon College. Thanks to our USDA Farm to School grant we are able to welcome Chloie to our team as our composting coordinator early last week. With this position, Chloie's focus will be on helping us keep everyone updated with different content to be provided for our social presence, helping us maintain our massive compost piles and programs, and continuing our compost collection along with helping us find more community partners to participate in our compost program!

Chloie is currently a Freshman attending Kenyon University studying Environmental Studies with a concentration in Public Policy and is also minoring in Italian! Being a Freshman, Chloie is still adjusting to the new lifestyle that being away from home and college entails for any incoming student. Once finished with her undergraduate studies, Chloie is hoping to continue diving deeper into her studies through a master's program to advance her skills and knowledge.

Chloie was first interested in this opportunity because it aligns with her interests in her studies and she definitely did not want to pass up this amazing opportunity to learn about all the wonders that composting has to offer the world and our communities. Goin into this internship, Chloie has always been very eager to expand her knowledge about compost, so when the opportunity here at Community Roots was posted, she couldn't pass up the opportunity to be a part of something so wonderful. This is an experience that Chloie is hoping to be just as rewarding as it is educational, especially when it involes creating something beautiful and beneficial for our environment out of something that most people would consider waste.

When asked what she was most excited about with this internship, Chloie responded that she is most looking forward to the relationships she will form throughout this experience along with everything she is able to learn about our environment while being our Composting Coordinator. Composting is a life skill that she is hoping she will be able to implement into her everyday life while educating others about all the benefits that can come from composting our waste.

We are more excited than ever to be able to grow our team and welcome Chloie to our Community Roots team! She hopes that during her time with us that she is able to present us with new ideas to grow our program, spreading awareness, and making Community Roots more known throughout our community!

"Change is inevitable. Growth is optional" - John C. Maxwell

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