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Your Weekly Digest: June 24-30


The weather has regained its June mercy and yesterday even delivered a break from our relentless watering schedule of last week! We're hoping more is on the way to fatten and freshen up all our fruits, veggies, and herbs for the Mount Vernon Farmer's Market this week.

This Saturday, after the Mount Vernon Market, you will also be able to catch us until 3pm at the Martinsburg Activity Center during their yard sale. We will be towing any leftovers of our breads, veggies, and herbs straight over there directly after we breakdown on the Square. We will also be selling our usual catalog of goodies and merchandise, which are ALWAYS available to you online. We just love having opportunities to sell face-to-face and meet new customers, and catch-up with our regulars!

Volunteer Hours This Week!

Tuesday: 8-11:30am Gardening Tuesday: 4-6pm Gardening

Friday: 2:30 — 4:30pm Produce Prep at the Woodward Kitchen

Saturday: 8-Noon Mount Vernon Farmer's Market Saturday: 1-3pm Martinsburg Activity Center Marketplace

We also have ongoing volunteer opportunities such as watering and weeding or mowing, that can always be done around your schedule. If you are interested in helping out, but have schedule conflicts with our schedule, let us know! We can work with you!

We Are Still Hiring!

Our Americorps VISTA position: Community Compost Coordinator is still open and we are in final weeks of interviews. If you or someone you know is (18 or older) interested in helping us develop and expand our community composting programs to reduce food waste in Knox County, see the link below for more info and to apply! Message us anytime if you have questions.

What Else Is Going On?

How did we beat the heat last week? Whew! We didn't really :p We did a lot of work in the morning, and a lot of work between 6-10pm when temps went as low as they were going to go with "Feels Like" temps suspended in the 80's.

Some work was just toughed right on our by volunteers: Haley and Juan flipped our entire compost bays 1 & 2 between 4-6pm on Tuesday. They just went full honey badger on that job and they were giggly and VERY slap-happy by the time they were done. We're all still in awe that they went whole hog on that job!

Haley also got up the next day and led a Juneteenth workday at her gardens with Scott & Jess on Wednesday morning! They weeded tons, they harvested potatoes, they chatted and laughed a lot! Theheat dome just did not suppress the Team Friendship last week!

While those garden nerds were busy readying Haley's garden for next plantings (okra!), Kim picked 10 pints of black raspberries!!

A gallon of those will be going to Sue Jam's & Jellies - look for her on the mount Vernon Farmer's Market and see what flavor combos she makes with those berries! The rest we sold at our first Martinsburg Neighborhood Marketplace (1st & 3rd Thursdays, 4-7pm).

It was pretty cool despite the heat!

We sold produce, breads, and our fun catalog of merchandise. There was jewelry and Avon products for sale. Meat and Egg vendors! And this market features different food trucks each time. Thursday was Schmidtt's German Food Truck out of German Village and Hello Lemonade (which we ALL enjoyed to stay cool). Although, if we may tempt you for next time: this market has an air conditioned inside area with more vendors, and plenty of seating for enjoying your food truck dinner!

Working with Our Partners: Grindhouse BBQ

We also braved the heat on Friday at a special event for Ariel employees and their families at Pacemaker's dragstrip in Mount Vernon. Kim & Scott gave a hand to Grindhouse to serve 900+ hungry people!

It was a blast!

Everyone who worked the truck has been recovering since and extremely grateful for the new weather pattern in town!

And lastly Emily made a super fun discovery this weekend when she stumbled across a patch of beautiful volunteer pumpkins from her Halloween decoration porch pumpkins last Autumn!

And that's the skinny on our garden haps around here!

What's going on in your gardens? Drop us a line or a comment to let us know!

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