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We Got The USDA Grant!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A year ago we set out to try having our first full time workers through the@americorpsVISTA program and a co-sponsorship with#ohioassociationoffoodbanks

We were able to work with @catiethayes for an entire year to focus on building our#farmtoschool program, apply for a USDA grant to fund our first full time Farm to School PAID position. Yesterday we were awarded OUR FULL ASK!! Lots of community partners have made supportive commitments and we have many more folks to thank over the upcoming year. No one has our gratitude more than @catiethayes however because she worked relentlessly on an enormous uphill task and made it look easy and graceful.

What a big success, Catie!

Job well done and then some 😀We consider ourselves so lucky to have been a locus of her focus on her career path. We wish you the best of luck on your next journey and can’t wait to see any and all insta pics over the course of your next adventure!

And stay tuned for upcoming details on this new position for Knox County! We will be posting info on the position and how to apply! In the meantime you can find a more detialed description on the USDA site for 2020 Farm to School grant awardees. Click on Ohio and find us under Community Roots, we start at the very, very bottom of page 37.

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