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Volunteering with Community Roots

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Working with Community Roots has been great so far. I decided to volunteer with them because I wanted a way that I could give back to the community around me while also learning new things. Before I started working at Community Roots, my knowledge of gardening was a little limited. Working with them has allowed me to expand my knowledge and learn many new things such as how to build “miniature greenhouses” in order to sow seeds in the winter. My goals in working with them so far have been met and exceeded and I hope that in the future, I will be able to positively influence the community through them and learn many other things about gardening.

One way that I have volunteered with them is by helping with an ED class at Mount Vernon High School. This class is planting herbs in the school greenhouse to provide fresh, locally grown produce to the cafeteria at the high school. From what I have seen, the kids seem to really enjoy the hands-on learning that they are able to do with the gardening. Many of them were quite excited for science class and the opportunity to go out to the greenhouse. Considering that these kids were stuck in a small room for most of the day with no windows, going outside and being in direct contact with nature probably provided them an escape and another creative way to express themselves. I most enjoyed volunteering in this post out of all the others because I was able to interact with the kids, learn more about gardening, but I also got the opportunity to learn more about our school systems and become a more informed citizen.

I would highly recommend Community Roots to anyone who is looking for a volunteer opportunity where they can positively impact their community. (Also their greenhouse has an absolutely beautiful aesthetic!)

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