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UPDATE!! Seed Money Campaign: Week 1

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Well, folks!! The first week of our Seed Money campaign is over and we have three more weeks left to continue raising money for our garden. Seed Money has issued $100 mini-grants to the top 50 organizations that raised the most money throughout these last 7 days. Although we didn't qualify for one of the mini-grants (currently ranked 76), we are over the moon excited that within the first week we were already able to reach our first goal of $600!

We thank everyone who has helped share and support Community Roots throughout this campaign and allow us to create a second goal of raising another $600 by December 15th and allowing us to raise a total of $1,200! We are inspired by the support throughout our community, which has inspired us to grow our goals and projects even further this year. With the current funding that we have been able to raise within this last week, we are now able to purchase sustainable tools (i.e shovels, rakes, hoes, hand tools) that we are now able to keep protected under our toolshed inside of the garden! We are also able to replace our water spout and hoses that have aged and weathered, making them unusable for the upcoming growing season. New equipment that is more accessible to all of our volunteers and makes their experience with us easier and more proactive, including wheelbarrows and carts is now equipment that we are able to provide to those who work so hard in the garden. The whole team at Community Roots couldn't be more grateful for having this opportunity to grow our organization. This truly wouldn't be possible without the help and support from YOU!

So again, from the whole Community Roots family, we could not possibly say thank you enough for all of the possibilities that Seed Money and most importantly your kind donations and support have given us!

So, what now?

So now you might be asking the question, what other projects would our new goal help? That is a great question! If you follow us on our social media, you will see that we have been working hard to rehabilitate our last-standing hoop house at Community Roots. This funding will help us purchase all of the equipment that we will need to get this ready to start using.

Once we are able to get the hoop house up and running, we will be able to extend our growing season by months. We will also have a space to provide to the community as a learning center, volunteering space, and growing area for when the months begin to grow colder. By having full access to this hoop house, we will also have a protected area to continue growing crops to be provided to the schools and sold during the Summer!

Any extra funds that we receive throughout this campaign will directly go to help support the current programs that Community Roots is part of.

Supported Programs:


Our partnership with this group from The Learning Center is one that continues to grow. We are grateful to have this group help us by volunteering their time with us once a week to help us maintain all that goes on in our organization. As this partnership continues to grow, Community Roots finds it essential to be able to provide a space for these students that is accessible to all of them

Seed Library


Farmer's Market

How to Show Support

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"It's not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving" - Mother Teresa
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