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Help Us Get A Mower!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Hey Everybody!

This month we are participating in a matching challenge to raise money for a commercial-frame mower. We need help spreading the word and could use your assistance! Please help us share the link to our campaign and if you are on social media - check out our page on facebook for our post for an easy share!

Many of you out there have helped us try and manage the mostly neglected grounds and know how badly we need a better mower to tackle the job appropriately!

We have already raised partial funds through a $2500 grant from the Knox County Foundation and a $750 grant from the Energy Co-op. We still need to raise the rest and this Seedmoney challenge can help us stretch our funding dollars.

Particularly this first week; the more money we raise this week helps put us in the running for an extra $100 match on top of what we earn for the month!

Please consider helping us with a donation, a share on social media, or any other appeal you might like to make on our behalf!

Thank You!

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