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Last Market for August! Bring on Autumn!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Scott and I took shifts for this week. Tried a couple of new techniques that allowed us to harvest more on Friday night, reducing our hustle Saturday morning when we have to be on the square and set-up by 8:45am! We had about 17 sales, lots of herbs in contrast to past weeks!

  • microgreens (sold out!)

  • edible flowers (sold out!, only had one box anyway!) - borage, nasturtium, cucumber blossom, and lemon basil flowers

  • peppers (hot & sweet)

  • wild grapes (sold one, I think!)

  • herbs:

  • basil (sweet italian (aka the boring one), lemon, red rubin, minette - sold so much by 10am I had to go back and harvest more!

  • chives

  • spearmint

  • lemon balm

  • oregano (sold out!)

It was a cool morning, but had good traffic. Saw a lot of friends and had some great chats a few interesting folks!

- One fellow told us he was preparing for his big canning projects and wondered if we could sell larger quantities of herbs to him direct outside of the Saturday markets - we gave him a card and told him to just us know when!

- Lori Totman, Director of Knox County Park District asked if we could supply our microgreens to a community local food event she is planning is September! We gave her a card and said heck yeah! We love that kind of stuff!

- A women trained in horticultural therapy stopped by and talked to us about her work with job training for those with disabilities, and her specialization with autistic students. Sounds like we might have a great volunteer in the works!

Our new signs looked great, fall was in the air (if you are in to cut flowers, you really should make it down - our flower farms are bringing in some of the biggest blooms I've ever seen! The mums! My god, the mums this week were as big as a child's head!) if next week we could just remember the tablecloth...and everything else, I think we'll be on our way to ending the season with a nice little systematic (& compliant!!) process and having made a surplus on top of our season vendor fee (remind me to consider a weekly rate next year after noticing there has not been one single week this season where all vendors were present)!

Happy Labor Day Y'all! Peace, Love, and Gardening,


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