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Sci-Frye Day April 5, 2019

This week we transplanted our lettuce and oregano plants to pot them up. We decided to put the oregano (which overwintered well and had become very pot-bound with girdles roots) into hanging baskets; so we learned a little about mixing topiary and design elements with the food production.

We thinned a lot of seedlings that had come up in the past few weeks: sweet annie, cilantro, the lettuce, tomatoes, and beets.

The ladies in the class decided it was time to organize the greenhouse. So they got busy sorting empty pots from pots with re-useable potting mix. The neatly arranged like flats together with matching pots. We collected the compostable waste and sorted our labeling's looking so good in there. And the students' favorite pay-off is all the extra we have in there now.

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