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How Can Growing Plants Help Overcome Addiction Challenges?

At Community Roots we work with all ages through the local courts. Here, probationers can work off their community service hours while learning horticultural, permaculture, and other traditional and non-traditional methods of food production and land management. We offer a site that allows participants to be in open environments and learn about one of the most critical parts of their social system: where their food comes from.

Participants also produce a product, a tangible item that reflects its quality of care, i.e. provides incentives to care about one's work in a meaningful way that engages body and spirit.

Along the way, and if the probationer performs reliably good work and completes all service assignments, our community partners through KnoxWorks and TouchPoint can help offer employment assistance including help moving past the hurdles of background checks and past convictions. This system allows for participants to earn a new set of life circumstances through earnest efforts to take care of themselves and consequently, their community. Rates of recovery increase, while rates of recidivism decrease in programs where participants have physical, emotional, and spiritual currency, i.e. incentives to stick with the tough moments and learn new healthier coping mechanisms.

Watch this short video about an inspiring client who successfully fought her way back from addiction, using the support network and opportunities offered through TouchPoint and KnoxWorks.

And if you or someone you know needs a place for meaningful service hours that can lead to new doors opening, contact us!

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