Partnership with Municipal, Juvenile, and MERIT Courts

We serve the needs of our community by working with probationers as a site for community service hours, where participants learn land and greenhouse management skills, as well as plant propagation techniques for fresh produce.


Using a small grant from the Knox County Foundation, we have developed a hoophouse design that fits on top of the growing benches built and installed during the Glass Gardens days. These unique hoophouses allow us to extend the growing season, while avoiding the enormous costs of replacing the roof (which started to fall apart in Spring 2016). The hoophouses also allow us to be more creative in heating options, rather than having to replace and recreate the boiler system that used to heat the entire property. 

All produce grown is sold to local buyers including:

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740-263-7484 - text or call

1104-1106 W. Gambier Street

Mount Vernon, OH 43050

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