Edible Knox

In a partnership with the Knox County Local Food Council, we are supporting the creation of a local Edible Knox project to help promote diets with fresh foods by using storefronts for edible plantings with nutritional and recipe information. 

Community Roots provides planting supplies, greenhouse space to grow plants for the project, and volunteers to help create and maintain the plantings. 

Current participating businesses include:

Happy Bean Cafe

Freedom Center 


Coleman Gallery

United Way

Midwest Health Services

Knox County Board of Developmental Disabilities

OSU Extension-Knox County Office

and of course us! Community Roots! 







At each site is a sign with easy-to-use QRC codes (one reader is available right inside the Snapchat app!) that will take you to websites to find recipes and learn more about participating organizations. Each establishment will also have recipes available featuring the ingredients grown in the planters. 

Contact us if you have a location in town that would like to join the project or if you would like to be a volunteer helping us take care of these plantings for the growing season...